Selina Langer


Selina had the iconic restaurant “Hot Gossip” in Paddington for 24 years. This gave her the opportunity to interact with schools to fundraise for children in need through “Works on the Wall” exhibitions. Selina owned 2 galleries in Paddington which had prominent artists such as Ken Arnswirth and Christopher Snee Exhibit.

Selina also encouraged exhibitions from first time ‘edgey’ artists. She studied sculpture tutored by the late Trudie Alfred, Dr Julie Bartholomew and the late Tom Bass. Selina has a permanent piece “Mother and Child” on display at Yad Vashem Museum in Israel.

Selina has gained her Gradulate Diploma in Applied Psychology and is furthering her education to receive her BASS. She has worked in the disability sector for the past 10 years including creating a successful art program for Autisim Spectrum Australia. Selina joined Studio ARTES in 2004 and works in both the Visual Arts and Performing Arts programs.

Programs Facilitated:
Visual Art, Performing Arts