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merge. is a two-year funded program which began in 2016 with support from devolved funding administered by Accessible Arts on behalf of NSW Family and Community Services’ Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign.

It has been offered to members in the Studio ARTES Dance programs who have been given the opportunity to work alongside the integrated dance company Murmuration and artist Matt Shilcock at Riverside Parramatta Theatres.

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merge. is a rare and valuable opportunity for people living with disability to express themselves through contemporary dance.

The outcomes are a tangible: increased communication and confidence, resilience in dealing with everyday life, developed vocabulary and social skills.

The project introduces participants to a disability led practice through creating connections and performance opportunities with choreographers and dance artists who identify with a disability, both emerging and established.

The project gives participants a supported environment to learn new skills, working with industry professionals who are leaders in their field.

Studio ARTES Merge
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merge. in 2016 was an outstanding success. It facilitated the collaboration between Studio ARTES and Murmuration, and Parramatta Riverside Theatres.

Through workshops, rehearsals and a final ‘showing’ at Riverside, participants learnt body care, safe dance practice, dance technique, improvisation and performance building skills, and dance documentation. Three qualified professionals worked in partnership with Studio ARTES to deliver workshops.

The outcomes were photographed and filmed and the results are stunning. Click above to check it out .

Studio ARTES Merge
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merge. in 2017 is partly supported by the Delineate grant, but to develop further and move into 2018, we are looking for sponsors, partners or supporters to help with costs. Is this you? Contact us above to find out how we can work together.

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