After Hours Program

Afternoon Club

This program runs Monday to Thursday 3pm-6pm. This includes time for afternoon tea break or if you are coming from school or work you can join anytime in the afternoon.
Our Afternoon club is flexible – when you book you nominate how many hours you want to attend.

Monday Fitness Club

Come and long a join the fun. We are running a range of activities from Aerobics to Zumba and a lot more in between! All activities are designed to a range of ability levels. Let’s get moving!

Tuesday Tech Club
Ever wondered how things work? Come along to Tech Club and check out the inside of a computer, play crazy magnet games, create rockets and soda can engines. Play video games, create a chat room and learn about communication and relationships in an online environment.

Wednesday Performance Club
Unlock your stage presence and be dramatic. Each week we will be singing, dancing and acting our way to discovering our hidden talents.

Thursday Art Club
Immerse yourself in creative possibilities at Art Club. Explore art making in a variety of materials including painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture, photography, textiles. In a fun and
supportive environment Art Club will promote opportunities for
individuals to explore their own ideas or to collaborate in group projects.