Your fundraising efforts can help support over 250 artists with a disability to keep creating and accessing meaningful programs on a weekly basis.

Don’t be afraid to put the FUN in FUNdraising! The possibilities are endless (just like our corny jokes). We have a few ideas of how you can positively impact the lives of adults with disabilities through fundraising for Studio ARTES.

  • Fundraise at school – Host a mufti day, bake stall, trivia night, or invite artists with a disability to perform at your assembly for a gold coin donation.
  • Fundraise at work – Donate a percentage of sales, host a morning or afternoon tea, or keep your team active by starting a steps challenge.
  • Host a ‘Ride a Day in My Wheels’ challenge – An opportunity to combine fundraising, team building, and advocacy at your workplace, school or organisation. Teams compete against each other to fundraise and complete a variety of activities that highlight accessibility challenges that people with a disability experience in our community.
  • Gift your day – Do you have a birthday, or other event coming up? Why not set up a fundraiser in lieu of gifts to support the members of Studio ARTES.
  • Get sporty – Participate in an active event, such as the City to Surf, and nominate Studio ARTES as your charity.
  • Do your own thing!

What’s next?

Plan your event or activity
Pick a date, prepare for your activity, and decide the best way to collect funds. There are many platforms to host your fundraiser, including Facebook and GoFundMe.

Get in touch!
We would love to hear about your fundraising ideas! Let us know (contact us page) about your plans so we can support you in preparation for your activity.

Start fundraising
Let everyone know your plans, and ask them to support your fundraising efforts.

Enjoy your fundraising event!

Make a difference
See how your fundraising efforts have supported adults with disability by attending one of our events or open days.