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Blackbaud + Studio ARTES
Video Ad
26 July 2017

Blackbaud Inc. is a supplier of software and services specifically designed for non-profit organizations. Its products focus on fundraising, website management, CRM, analytics, financial management, ticketing, and education administration.

Blackbaud supply Studio ARTES with a number of systems which we use every day. Blackbaud have created a video advertisement about Blackbaud + Studio ARTES. View video here!

Clicks and Flicks Review:
Spiderman Homecoming!
25 July 2017

Thinking of seeing the latest from Marvel Studios? Check out this review of Spiderman Homecoming written by the Studio ARTES Clicks and Flicks Group!

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July News

July news includes information on our July BBQ Picnic at Fagan Park, The Ensemble’s winning at the Special Olympics Dance Eisteddfod, get to know our talented member Dan, and find out what drives Ron our volunteer. Find out how to buy tickets to our Annual Ball, new programs we are launching from October, what Social Club is up to, ways to support Studio ARTES and much more!

June News

June news includes information on new programs, a story about one of our sporting superstars, and a wrap up from the Minutes to Memories performance. You can read about our ‘day in the life of’ workshops with Fresenius Kabi, meet the amazing Liz who runs our shop full of volunteers at Westfield, and much more!